About Us

About Us

Since 1945 Goins Funeral Home(now Alpha-Shine Funeral Services), has been serving the public of Laurens County and other surrounding counties in the upstate.

Goins Funeral Home, Incorporated is one of the oldest landmarks in Laurens County and still stands strong through this 21st century.

The history of Goins Funeral Home dates back to its original owners who were the late Mr. David and Jeannette Goins who established the business in 1945. Following their death, the late James and Rosa Lee Irby established ownership in the Goins Funeral Home for many years until death once proclaimed their lives, leaving this great legacy and reputation of a business up to Perry V. Leamon, who was at the time the manager of Goins Funeral Home during the Irby’s reign, but now proclaiming the title of owner of this prestigious business.

Even upon Mr. Perry Leamon’s untimely death in July 2011, Goins Funeral Home continues till this day to stand the test of time, providing great quality and service, with even greater care to those in needs. Since 1945 our motto continues to state “When you care enough to be your very best, call Goins”